As one of your first clients I remain impressed with your dedication and the comprehensive nature of your investment approach. The three discretionary mandates which you manage directly have now been a cornerstone of my portfolio since 2007. In particular, I like the fact we have moved in the direction of low-cost ETFs via your “Core ETF Portfolio” and additionally focused on consistent, reliable income via your “Diversified Income Portfolio”. Your specialization in “income investing” and in particular your knowledge of the convertible debenture market fits into my desire for a low stress portfolio. Also, thank you again for going through your wealth management consultative process with my wife and me. This process has provided a solid framework for bringing the ‘big picture’ into focus – and a road map for us going forward”.

Keith S.
Client since 1992

“I appreciate the consistent, reliable returns that your Diversified Income Portfolio provides, and your focus on cash-generating investments. Your unique and straightforward approach to investing is greatly appreciated, and has allowed me to focus on spending time with family and travelling instead of worrying about the financial markets. Thank you for helping me to enjoy my retirement years to the fullest.”

Bryan F.
Client since 2001

“Your Diversified Income Portfolio has consistently met our expectations, as it did even through the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Recently, the detailed wealth management consultative work that you and your team completed for me and my partner has provided fresh insight into our financial situation – and a degree of comfort that we did not have before. Thank you for caring.”

Bryan P.
Client since 2004

“Thank you for coordinating our team of financial experts – and implementing our cohesive wealth management strategy.  We greatly appreciate the fact that you work directly with our accountant and estate lawyer in order to make sure nothing falls between the cracks. Additionally, the monthly income from our portfolio that you are managing on our behalf has allowed us to travel, spend time with family, and enjoy life without worry.”

Bruce H. and Leslie A.
Client since 2011

“I have been a client of Paul’s since 1992. The service that I have received has always been outstanding. Since retiring a few years ago, Paul has been able to set up my portfolio to meet my cash flow requirements and still grow my portfolio. I’d like to thank Paul for helping me achieve my investment goals. With Paul’s investment advice, I am comfortable that my finances are on the right track and in the hands of someone I can really trust.”

Robert S.
Client since 1992

“My portfolio size and investment style requires a very knowledgeable and adept Investment Advisor – one who can dig a little deeper, get my orders filled and provide a fresh perspective on what’s going on. Paul does all this and more. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Irving N.
Client since 1996