Portfolio Objective

This mandate is designed to provide Core SRI Income and Growth Exposure for long-term capital growth.  “SRI” is typically defined as “Socially Responsible Investing” in Canada or just “RI” as in “Responsible Investing”.  A new, modern definition describes “SRI” as “Sustainable Responsible Impact” investing.  All of these approaches typically employ ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) screening.  This portfolio is expected to have a “moderate” level of risk consistent with a portfolio 80% exposed to world equity markets over a long time period.


Investment Strategy 

This portfolio strategy utilizes a mix of active, best-in-class, 3rd party SRI portfolio managers via F-Class Funds and low-fee passive SRI Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).  All “SRI” screening is provided by the underlying Fund or ETF manager.   This mandate is very “fee-sensitive” and targets a weighted average Management Expense Ratio (MER) of below 0.85% on the underlying portfolio.   50% of the portfolio’s long-term exposure is targeted towards “Global” equities (which includes U.S. equities and possibly some Canadian equity exposure). 30% of the portfolio’s long-term exposure will be targeted towards Canadian equities - with 50% of the Canadian exposure aimed at “equity income” or “high-dividend” companies.   Cash and Fixed Income positions are included in the portfolio as diversifiers - to lower overall portfolio volatility – and can be increased significantly if the Portfolio Manager deems it appropriate to adopt a very defensive position due to a heightened level of perceived market risk.  This portfolio will be able to hold Sovereign Government Bond ETFs, including Canadian Provincial Government Bonds ETFs.  Cash balances may be placed into CDIC insured Investment Savings Accounts or High Interest Savings ETFs.

SRI Portfolio - 1 Year: 22.3%; 3 Year 9.6% Since Inception 9.8%

Complete portfolio summaries and commentaries are available upon request.
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