Retirement Transitions and Proprietary Income Portfolio Solutions 


If you’re transitioning into or living in retirement, you need specialized portfolio management advice. Since 1992, Paul Borisoff has been designing effective "income" investment strategies that seek to deliver consistent returns to successful individuals and their families.

The Borisoff Wealth Management Team works with our Estate and Financial Planning experts to structure retirement “back-up plans” – that make work “optional”.   

Along with customized solutions and top 3rd party investment managers the Borisoff Wealth Management Team utilizes our proprietary Diversified Income Portfolio mandate when appropriate.  This portfolio solution is managed within our Private Investment Management program, and offers a unique approach to income investing that takes full advantage of opportunities beyond traditional asset classes that are not necessarily available to large institutions due to size constraints and liquidity limitations.

The sure hand with which we’ve guided our clients through market ups and downs allows them to achieve their unique goals and enjoy a worry-free retirement.

Diversified Income Portfolio 1 yr return of 43.2% 3 yr 7.9% 5 yr 9.4% Since inception 7.2%


Complete portfolio summaries and commentaries are available upon request. 

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