PIM: SRI Core Income and Growth Portfolio

Paul Borisoff - Nov 02, 2017

The SRI Core Income and Growth Portfolio* was up 3.9% in October – and is now up 11.8% in 2017.  In comparison our benchmark was up 3.7% in October and is now up 9.3% in 2017.  Over the most recent 12-month rolling period the portfolio is up 13.6% compared to our benchmark which is up 12.3%.

* These returns are reported as a composite, time-weighted, rate-of-return (gross of fees, net of transaction charges) for all accounts in this mandate.  Long-Term Returns/Benchmark Numbers will be reported in our Quarterly Updates.

The Canadian bond market (FTSE/TMX Canada Universe Bond Index) bounced back 1.6% in October – keeping with its recent zig zag pattern month-to-month.  Year-to-date this market is now up 2.1%, while over the last 12-months it is down 0.5%.  The S&P/TSX Composite Total Return Index was up 2.7% in October – and is now up 7.1% in 2017 and 11.3% over the last year.  The leader last month though was the MSCI World Net (USD) Index which was up 5.4%, and now up 13.6% in 2017, and 18.1% over the last year after translated into Canadian dollars.

The Canadian dollar slid back to $0.7759 CAD/USD at the end of October from $0.8018 at the end of September boosting returns on many of our non-Canadian assets.

Asset Allocation – October 31st, 2017:

4.1% Cash, 15.8% Fixed Income, 29.2% Canadian Equity, 50.9% Global Equity.

Recent Updates:

Our PH&N Community Values Fund (Series F) was recently merged with the RBC Jantzi Global Equity Fund – and then renamed the RBC Vision Global Equity Fund (Series F).  The MER on this position is 1.00% and the Fund’s investment objective is to invest in equity securities of companies throughout the world following a socially responsible approach to investing.

As of September 30th, this Fund had 99.3% of assets positioned in Global Equities with top weightings as follows: 57% U.S., 7.2% Japan, 6.9% U.K., 4.8% Germany and 4.4% Netherlands.  Top 5 Sectors are: Financials: 21.9%, Information Technology: 17.4%, Health Care 15.9%, Industrials 15.8% and Consumer Discretionary 10.4%.  Since adding this Fund to the portfolio in June 2016 it is up 24.5% as October 31st, 2017.

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